Outcomes from the AGM

The club recently held its AGM, lunch and lotto eights. In classic Wellington style, it was too windy to row and this turned into a lotto erg race. 

Quorum was met and the lunch was held and new members voted in. We welcome:





Sam Seath

Huw Mitchell


Brad Carter


Club Captain (chair of the Committee)

Liam McArthur



Jo-Anne Stokes


Safety Officer

Alan Mills


Committee Members

Richard May



Tracey Bates



Georgia McConchie-Murray



Nina Barton


School Representatives

John Murfitt



Samual Marsden College representative(?)



Tina Manker



Jerome McKeefry


University Representative

Lawrence Henderson

Finn Pethers-Boak


 The club still has a number of vacancies so if you're interested in having an active role in the club please let our captain know. 

Article added: Wednesday 09 September 2020


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