Scholarship Fund

The Wellington Rowing Club Scholarship Fund

The Club wishes to set up a specific scholarship fund that is able to be applied to by rowers who may be struggling financially, thereby impacting their ability to achieve their rowing aspirations.

How may people contribute to the fund?

  •  By becoming an Alumni member, your joining fee will be directed to the fund.
  •  If you are unable to join our Alumni then you can donate as part of a past crew or donate as an individual. No amount is too large or too small.
  •  A past crew may choose to contribute as a crew to the fund and be identified as such
  •  An individual may wish to make a donation to the fund.
  •  A current supplier of goods and/or services to WRC may wish to contribute.
  •  A corporate entity may wish to contribute.
  •  Donations are tax deductible
  •  To donate, WRC Bank Account 02-0500-0900662-00 ref school fund and details. Contact

How will funds be distributed?

  •  An application form will be completed by a rower or his/her family for assistance. This will be considered by a sub-committee consisting of the President, Club Captain, Treasurer.
  •  Any funds distributed will be identified against the donor (whether individual or crew or other) unless that donor has requested anonymity

What are the expectations on the recipient?

  •  A recipient will communicate and connect with the donor and continue to do so as their rowing career progresses. In this way, there is a link between donor and recipient
  • A recipient will be expected to continue to row under WRC colours for a period as agreed by the sub-committee unless there is injury or some other unforeseen circumstance
  •  A recipient will be required to contribute back to the club in a manner that is agreed with the Club Captain. This may include coaching assistance, aiding boat maintenance or some other specific assistance.

How will donors be recognised?

  •  Donations received into the fund will be acknowledged in the newsletter. The newsletter will also update on progress of the fund.
  • A donation will be linked to a recipient who is required to make contact with the donor(s). 
  • Supplier and/or corporate donations of an agreed value, will be eligible to have their logo on a club tee-shirt eg “proudly supported by…..”
  • Suppliers and other corporates may, through making a larger donation, be able to advertise either on the sides of the club truck or on the club trailer.

Please support us so that we can support rowers who are in need of financial assistance.