2021 Review of Strategic Plan

Please find attached the updated Wellington Rowing Club Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan was developed in 2017 when some of the of the membership felt that the Wellington Rowing Club was at a crossroads. There was a strong desire to both honour and preserve its rich past as well as build a strong foundation for future generations of WRC rowers.

Four years on, the Board has undertaken a review of the Plan. There have been significant changes in context and a number of the goals of the Plan have been achieved. We would like to hear any feedback you have on this updated Plan, including anything you think is missing or should be updated.

Please send feedback to communication@wellingtonrowing.org.nz by September 14, or speak with any of the board members (Huw Mitchell, Chris Fry, Joe O’Neill, Chris Jones, Allan Mills and Billy Rine).

Many thanks, 

The Wellington Club Board

Link to the review: https://www.sporty.co.nz/asset/downloadasset?id=b911a872-71f6-4176-b9ce-afdb7269dc24

Article added: Tuesday 07 September 2021


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