Spotlight on: Isabella Sharp

What got you into coxing? Were you a rower first?

I was a Cox first. The thing that got me into coxing was seeing a rower on the News and at the time I wanted to beat someone in an arm-wrestling match so I joined the Porirua Rowing club for a few months. 

How long have you been coxing?

I've been Coxing since 2018 

What do you enjoy about it?  

 I enjoy the banter between the Men's Novices and myself, I also enjoy watching rowers improve over the season.

Have you been in a race yet? If so what has been your most memorable race, or what are you looking forward to about racing?

 I have been in multiple races. My most memorable race was my first race, and that was at the 2018 Porirua Goodwill regatta. I was coxing for a Porirua Masters coxed four and they said "This will be your worst race ever." they weren't wrong.

What was the hardest part about learning to cox? Or was it quite easy? Is there anyone you have been learning from?

 The hardest thing for me about Coxing was learning how and when to make calls in the boat and it wasn't easy. But I’m currently learning from Ella Greenslade and some random people online. 

What are you looking forward to this season, and what are your goals? 

The thing I'm looking forward to this season is the Camps that are going to be coming up over the season. In my experience, they are some of the best parts of rowing. My goals for this season are to improve my abilities as a Cox and help the Rowers get the results that they want.

Article added: Thursday 08 July 2021


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